Easy to Install

RideGuard is simple to install and requires no special tools. Easy-to follow instructions make installation a breeze


RideGuard is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally. With a few simple steps it can be adapted to virtually any vehicle. Because of its advanced design, it can be securely attached with minimum adjustments, and no tools.


Lightweight and easily transported, RideGuard can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with ease. Its aluminum frame and patent-pending double-polished vinyl shield are both designed to maximize strength while minimizing weight and bulk.

Easy to clean

To clean RideGuard use a mild detergent soap and water mixture, or a vinyl cleaner combined with a microfiber towel or a soft cotton rag.


RideGuard requires a two post headrest to be installed. It offers headrest attachment points to keep the unit securely in place at all times.


RideGuard's patent-pending retractable shield  features double-polished clear vinyl which offers clarity for the occupants. Shatterproof and strong, the shield is the ideal protective barrier for safety and security.

How to Install

How to Clean


Height: 30 inches Width: 66 inches max

Slide SHIELD Patent Pending Retractable
Shield Technology
ADJUSTABLE Adjustable connector
points (horizontal & vertical)
MARINE GRADE Clear, double polished,
marine grade center vinyl
Reinforced headrest attachment points ALUMINUM Extruded aluminum
LOCK Driver side locking pin HEADREAST